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Teacher´s & Staff Information

Sr. Ignacia Carrillo
Sr. Ignacia CarrilloPrincipal
(831) 728-5518

Katie Davis
Katie DavisFinancial Administrator
(831) 728-5518 Ex. 211

Theresa LoBue
Theresa LoBueSecretary
(831) 728-5518 Ex. 3

Mrs. Vanessa Kehoe
Mrs. Vanessa Kehoe8th Grade Teacher

Mr. Joey Silva
Mr. Joey Silva7th Grade Teacher

Mr. Anthony Valdivia
Mr. Anthony Valdivia6th Grade Teacher

Mrs.Angela Smith
Mrs.Angela Smith 5th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Lynn Macy
Mrs. Lynn Macy4th Grade Teacher

Mrs.Denise Henderson
Mrs.Denise Henderson3rd Grade Teacher
Sr.  Cecilia Henry
Sr. Cecilia HenryFMA - 2nd Grade Teacher

Mrs. Laura Hernandez
Mrs. Laura Hernandez1st Grade Teacher

Mrs.Michell McLay
Mrs.Michell McLay Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten Teacher

Mr. Chris Croghan
Mr. Chris CroghanAthletic Director/P.E./Spanish
831) 728-5518 Ex. 221

Mrs. Renee Robinett
Mrs. Renee RobinettArt Teacher

Mrs. Valjean Albright
Mrs. Valjean AlbrightLibrary

Mrs. Claudia Garcia
Mrs. Claudia GarciaArt Instructor

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The mission of The Salesian Elementary and Junior High School is a TK-8 private Catholic elementary and junior high school working cooperatively with the Diocese of Monterey to provide a child-centered learning environment within a family atmosphere that embodies the Salesian philosophy of reason, religion, and loving kindness as taught by Saint John Bosco and Saint Mary Mazzarello

(831) 728-5518

605 Enos Ln Watsonville, CA 95076