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Teachers Name: Mrs. McLay
Classroom: Kindergarten
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Degree: Human Development, Master Program
University Name: University of the Pacific, Walden University.


  • Homework for the Week of April 24 - 28
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    This week’s homework is a little different.  As we prepare for the end of the school year, we will begin to review concepts in class.  This week, please play the two games below at home to help practice the first 25 sight words (for Kindergarten), letter names/sounds (for TK), and numeral recognition.  Have fun together as a family!  Play the games as many times as you like during the school week, fill out the bottom of this page, and return this page on Friday.  


    Math - Cut out the numeral cards.  Play numeral memory game with someone in your family.  Turn all the cards upside down on a table.  Take turns picking two cards.  If they match, you can keep them.  If they don’t match, turn them back over.  Make sure to name the numerals as you turn over the cards. At the end of the game, the person with the most cards is the winner!  (numeral recognition 1-10 for TK and 1-30 for Kindergarten)


    Reading -  Play  bingo with someone in your family.  Use the bingo boards provided and have someone in your family call out the sight words (for kindergarten) or the alphabet letters or sounds (for TK). Five in a row is bingo!  Want a challenge?  See if you can play blackout by covering all the spots on the board.  Play with the second board on another day.   (sight word practice for kindergarten and letter or sound recognition for TK)


    Reminder:  Friday is a short day and school ends at noon!

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  • Homework for the Week of April 10 - 13
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    Sight Words for the Week: no, came, ask, very


    You can work on the above sight words or review the first 25 sight words from the list that went home.  This list is also on the website under “resources”.


    TK Homework


    Monday - Count the eggs on the paper.  Can you write the numeral at the bottom of the paper?  Now count how many small eggs?  Try counting the large eggs?


    Tuesday - Follow the maze and help the seahorse find his way home.  Try to stay in the lines.  Check your pencil grip.  Are you holding your pencil correctly?


    Wednesday - Have someone read you a story.  Can you count the number of letters in the title?  Can you count the number of words in the title?


    Thursday - Turn in your homework.  Don’t forget to put your name on the front of the packet!  School ends at noon today!


    No school on Friday.  Have a wonderful Easter break!


    K Homework


    Monday - Look at the picture.  Sound out the word.  Circle the letters as you sound it out.  Now write the word on the lines.


    Tuesday - Read each word.  Write it in the space below.  Now put an “x” on the picture that matches the word.


    Wednesday - Read a book to someone.  Practice sounding out words that you don’t know.  If you come to a word that you can’t sound out, use your unknown word strategies. You can look at the picture in the book to help you figure out the unknown word.  Look at the beginning letter of the unknown word.  What would make sense that starts with that letter?  If this doesn’t work, ask an adult for help with the word.  


    Thursday - Turn in your homework.  Don’t forget to put your name on the front of the packet!  School ends at noon today!  

    No school on Friday.  Have a wonderful Easter break!

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  • Homework for the Week of April 3rd - 7th
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    This week's sight words:  come, if, now, long   

    You can work with these sight words or work on the 25 words from list one that was sent home.

    You can find both sight word list one and two on our classroom website.  


    TK Homework

    Monday - Count the clams.  Can you sort them by size?  How many large clams are on the paper?  Count the small clams?  How many are in-between large and small?


    Tuesday - Follow the maze.  Can you help the dinosaur find his way to the finish.  Use your best pencil grip and try to stay in the lines.


    Wednesday - Read a book or have someone read to you.  We have been talking about the difference between letters and words.  Can you count the number of words in the title?  Can you count the number of letters in the title?


    Thursday - Draw a picture of Sister Ignacia on the back of your homework packet.  Be sure to do your best work.


    Friday - Turn in your homework.


    Kindergarten Homework

    Monday - Read the words on each line.  Put an "x" on the word that is the same as the first word.


    Tuesday - Find the picture with the correct short vowel sound.  Put and "x" on it.  Can you think of other words that have that same short vowel sound?

    Wednesday - Read a book or have someone read to you.  We have been talking about ending punctuation marks. (., ?, and !)  Can you show someone in your family the ending punctuation marks you find in the book you are reading?  Tell them the names of the ending punctuation marks and what they do.

    Thursday - Draw a picture of Sister Ignacia on the back of your homework.  Do your best work and be sure to color your picture.

    Friday - Turn in your homework.

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  • Homework: March 27 - 31
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    TK Homework

    Monday:  Color the picture.  Work on staying in the lines. Can you write a capital and lowercase B to go with the picture of the bee?  Use your best handwriting.

    Tuesday:  Complete the dot to dot by following the numbers from 1 to 14.

    Wednesday:  Read a book or have someone read to you.  Talk about the story.  Can you show someone in your family the front cover, back cover and spine?  Can you count the words in the title?  Can you count the letters in the title?

    Thursday:  Do ten jumping jacks and could while doing them. Can you show someone in your family how high you can count?

    Friday:  Turn in your homework.

    Kindergarten Homework

    Monday - Sound out and write the word for each picture.  Be sure to use all lowercase letters.

    Tuesday:  Read the two sentence.  Put an X next to the sentence that matches the picture.

    Wednesday:  Read a book or have someone read it to you.  Talk about the story.  What character is the story is your favorite?  Why do you like that character?  How are you like that character?

    Thursday:  Add and count.  You can use your fingers or any object around your house to help you add.  Coins make wonderful counters.  So do Lego blocks.  Any small oject can work as a counter. 

    Friday:  Turn in your homework.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Homework was printed before the calendar change.  MARCH 29th is not a SPA meeting.  It is now Family Night for grades 6 - 8.


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  • TK and Kindergarten Homework - week of March 20-24
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    TK Homework

    • Monday - Complete the maze.  Help the duck find her eggs.
    • Tuesday - Dot to dot paper.  What letter leads to the train?
    • Wednesday -  Read a book or have someone read to you.  Talk about your favorite part of the story.  Why is it your favorite part?
    • Thursday - Sing the slphabet song to your family.
    • Friday - Turn in your homework.

    Kinder Homework

    • Monday - Put an X on the correct word.  It is the word that matches the first word in the box.  Can you read the word to your mom or dad?
    • Tuesday - Write the letter Ii on the lines.  Show your best handwriting. 
    • Wednesday - Read a book or have someone read to you.  Share all the part of the book with some.  Point out the front cover, back cover, spine, and title page.  Tell someone in your family with an author does.  Tell someone what the illustrator does.
    • Thurday - Add by putting two groups of objects together.  Count one set of blocks and write the number.  Now count the second set of blocks and write the number.  When we put groups together we use the "+" symbol. 
    • Friday - Turn in your homework

    Sight Words of the Week:

         this, would, me, will


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Classroom Announcements

  • Night of the Arts and PE Information
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    Hello Kindergarten and TK families,

    Tomorrow we start swimming for PE.  Please remember to bring a swimsuit (one piece for girls), flip flops, a towel, and a swim cap for girls.  Parents are encouraged to attend and help with swimming.  If you would like to help, please arrive by 11:35 to help students change.  Looking forward to this fun PE unit!


    This Thursday is our Night of the Arts.  The kids have been practicing a poem titled “Spring” and the song “This Little Light of Mine” for the last month.  This week we will continue our practice and add some fun props.  


    Here is some information for Night of the Arts.


    • Please RSVP as soon as possible.  For set up and prop purposes, I would like to know which students are planning on attending.  I know that families are busy and have many other commitments, so I just wanted to check in and see who was available the night of the performance.

    • Please have your TK and Kindergarteners dress in Sunday best.

    • Arrive by 6:40 in the classroom.  Please don’t be late.  We need time to line up in order and hand out the props.  

    • Performance starts at 7 p.m. in the Chapel.  After you drop off your students, feel free to go find a seat.  


    Thank you so much for your help.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Looking forward to a night of poetry, songs, and visual art!

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  • Weekly Newsletter - April 10th - 13th
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    Week in Review

    April 10th - 13th


    What a fun week and had some special events.


    On Tuesday, we joined the 8th grade students for the egg drop.  Davey Tree brought over their basket truck and the 8th graders designed containers to hold a raw egg and slow the egg’s fall.  The Davey Tree crew dropped the students’ egg container designs from the top of their basket truck.  This was so much fun to watch.  The kids enjoyed the big truck and watching the egg containers fall from a great height.  


    On Thursday we had some fun in the classroom. For religion we learned the Jelly Bean Prayer and ate some jelly beans. This prayer reminds us of the Easter story and Christ’s love through the use of colors.  We had a reading Easter egg hunt.  We hunted for Easter eggs filled with sight words (for Kindergarten) or letters (for TK) and then had reading races.  We ended our day by attending the Passion Play.


    In Kindergarten this week, we focused on subtraction during math time.  We learned the minus sign and learned that when we subtract, we take things away to make a smaller group. In Kindergarten language arts we learned the digraph “sh”.  We also continued to work on our writing.  This week the students helped to correct simple sentences and find the mistakes.  We looked for a beginning capital, spaces between words, lowercase letters, and an ending period.  They loved helping to correct simple sentence on the whiteboard.  


    In TK the students worked on fine motor skills as they learned about The Hungry Caterpillar.  They made their own caterpillar art and sequenced the story.  TK also continued to work on counting skills and numeral recognition through games and manipulatives.  They had a lot of fun with their caterpillar unit.


    In social studies the whole class ended their unit on American symbols.  The unit ended by reading the book Duck for President and drawing pictures of what they would do if they were president.  They had some great ideas!  When we come back from break, we will be talking about how we can take care of our Earth.


    In science we ended our unit on plants.  Our beans have be growing.  Everyone was able to take home his or her bean plant.  We also planted flower seeds this week.  Be sure to give your flower pots sunlight and water and watch them grow at home over the break.  When we return, we will be “diving” into our ocean science unit and learning about ocean animals.


    We hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter and a nice break with their families.  We look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday, March 24th.

    Antriece and Sr. Theresa

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  • Week of April 3rd - 7th Newsletter
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    Weekly Update – April 3rd – 7th


        We have been very busy in Kindergarten and TK.  Here are a few things that we did this week. 


        This week in language arts and reading, we listed to The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown.  We made predictions about what would happen next in the story and used picture & text clues to help us make our predictions.  We learned that making a prediction about a story means using the words and pictures to help us make a good guess about what might happen next.  In our writing journals we used the writing prompt, “In my egg I see ________. ” to write about what we would have liked to find in the egg.  Kindergarten focused on writing conventions such as a beginning capital letter, spaces between words, and an ending period.  TK worked on letter sounds and writing our name.  TK learned that egg begins with e and e makes the /e/ sound.  We also played reading bingo this week.  The K students played sight word bingo with the first 25 sight word and the TK played sound bingo, matching the letter on the bingo board to the letter sound called out by the teacher.  Kindergarten also learned the digraph “ch” for chick, chair, child, and church.


        In math we had some fun with dominos!  The K students played Domino Addition and the TK students practice counting the dots on the dominos and writing the numerals.  Kindergarten continued with their addition unit. On Thursday, K students were introduced to subtraction as taking item away from a group to make it smaller. We used counters and toy animals at math time.  Our animal saw a number of bugs but before he/she was able to eat them up, some got away.  This was our introduction to subtraction. TK was introduced to the concept of zero and learned that the numeral 0 was the number we use for groups containing no items.


        In social studies we talked about the Pledge of Allegiance.  We practiced the Pledge of Allegiance and learned that it is one way that we can show our love for our country.  Students made flag hearts to share with their families at home.


        In science, our beans are growing!  We started to see our first green sprouts!  We also talked about the parts of a plant and used our flower art from last Friday to label the roots, stem, leaves, flower and seeds.  We were able to look at some different seeds that we eat and see pictures of their plants and flowers.  For the students that wanted to try some edible seeds, we tasted pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.  


        Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

                                                             Antriece and Sr. Theresa

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  • Talent Show
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    All students are welcome and encouraged to show off their talents during this year's talent show on Friday, May 12.

    • Auditions will be held from 8:30 -10:30 in the cafeteria on Tuesday, April 11th.  Students will be called by class to audition.  You must be able to showcase your act, along with any outfits you will wear, music and props.  If your act requires music, please make sure you have it so that we can preview it.

    • Your act may not be longer than 2 minutes total.  If you are using music, be prepared to stop the music at or before two minutes.

    Please be aware that the actual talent show will be help during school on Friday, May 12th at 12:45 in the chapel.  Please practice over Easter so that you are prepared for the talent show on Friday, May 12th.

    Thank you,

    Talent Show Committee


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  • Reminders from the Office
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    A Few Reminder From the Office



    • The blue vest is a part of the daily uniform.  It should be worn by boys over their white shirts and by the girls if wearing pants or shorts.  The vest is not worn with the girls’ jumper.

    • Socks - Uniform socks are white crew socks.  No other colors should be worn.

    • Sweatshirts are worn for PE only.  On regular uniform days the gray fleece is the correct jacket.

    • Hair - Sister would like girls with long hair to have their hair in a ponytail or a braid.  She spoke with the whole school about this at morning message.  We are trying to prevent the spread of lice in the school.  

    • The new school logo t-shirts and sweatshirt are not a part of the uniform.  They can only be worn to school on special days.  Please remember to wear your full dress uniform or PE uniform to school and save the logo shirts for home or special days that will be listed on the calendar.

    • Please be sure to wear full dress uniform on Fridays during Lent for the Stations of the Cross.

    Thank you for understanding.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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School Calendar

Physical Education News

  • PE Updates
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    PE Updates

    Swimming is over for this trimester. Students will be moving onto field hockey and other activities for PE. 

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  • PE Schedule 2016 - 2017
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    PE times are as follows:

    • Kinder: 1140-1230 on Tues and Thurs
    • 1st: 940-1030 on Tues and Thurs
    • 2nd: Tuesday and Thursday
    • 3rd: Monday and Wednesday
    • 4th: Monday and Wednesday
    • 5th: Monday and Thursday
    • 6th: Tuesday and Wednesday
    • 7th: Monday and Thursday
    • 8th: Monday and Wednesday
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