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Teachers Name: Mrs. Summers
Classroom: 8th. Grade
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  • 8th Grade History
    5/9 Study guide and notes and examples for Prime Numbers, Least Common Multiples, Greatest Common Factor and adding and subracting fractions and pg. 16 in the study guide workbook.
  • 8th Grade History
    5/7 Study Guide, quotes and talks.
  • 5/2 8th Homework
    Math: Study Guide #45-62 all Science: Study Guide answer 3 questions for chapters 1 and 2
  • 5/1 8th Homework
    Math: Study Guide complete up to #44 Science: Newton Second Law practice problems 13 and 14; final egg drop vessel plans
  • 8th Grade Religion
    Peer pressure questions and quotes.

Classroom Announcements

  • 8th Grade History
    4/23 Abolitionist Speech due Wednesday, May 2nd
  • 2/12/18 8th Homework
    Math: Lesson 7-4 #11-24, 43-49 all Science: finish space mission presentations and script
  • 8th Leadership
    1/16 answer the thinking about your conscience questions in the presentation.
  • 8th Grade
    Bring candy and .Bring 2 bags of candy for Halloween Carnival,  Carnival supplies and work on assigned tasks.

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Food Truck Friday

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Salesian's 2nd Annual Year-End Celebration Current Families, Alumni and Friends of Salesian are all Invited Join Us On The Salesian…

Food Truck Friday

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Join Us for this special end of the year event; Friday, May 11.

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2017-2018 PE Schedule

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TK/Kinder: Monday and Wednesday 10:50-11:40am 1st Grade: Monday and Wednesday 11:40am-12:30pm 2nd Grade: Monday and Wednesday 3rd Grade: Tuesday and…

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The mission of The Salesian Elementary and Junior High School is a TK-8 private Catholic elementary and junior high school working cooperatively with the Diocese of Monterey to provide a child-centered learning environment within a family atmosphere that embodies the Salesian philosophy of reason, religion, and loving kindness as taught by Saint John Bosco and Saint Mary Mazzarello

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