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Teachers Name: Mrs. Macy
Classroom: 4th. Grade
Email Address:
Degree:  B.A with  distinction in Social Science
University Name: San Jose State University 



  • 5-17-18

    Math- do math review in review packet for test tomorrow

    Grammar- pg 232-233 NOT 14-19, 23-30

    Read Ch 12 and 13 GHS

  • 5-16-18

    Math- Review 10 WB 139-141

    Social Studies- study for final tomorrow

    Grammar- pg 188 #1-8

    Read Ch 9 GHS

  • 5-15-18

    Math- Ex 6 WB 131-134, Review 10 WB 137-138 # 1-8 only

    Spelling- study all tricky words for tomorrow's final

    Grammar- Review on Grammar book pgs 156-157 ( not 15-17, 21-27)

    Read ch 7 GHS

  • 5-14-18

    Math- Ex 4-5 WB 127-130

    Science- Study for final tomorrow

    Spelling- Practice test on words 61-83

    Read Ch 6 GHS

  • 5-10-18

    Math- Ex 2 and 3 WB 124-126

    Science- Do Scientific Method Review in Review Packet

    Grammar- Do pgs 108-109 (not 22-30) in grammar book

    Read- finish ch 4 GHS

Classroom Announcements

  • School Supplies

    School supplies may be dropped off on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 4pm. Teachers will be in their classrooms.

  • Summer Work - Incoming 4th Grade

    Summer work is to be completed by the first day of school, Monday August 13, 2018.

  • Hermit Crab Sleep Overs!

    Our two hermit crabs are available for a sleep over at your house!  The hermit crabs require no care (except fill their water bowl) and are fun to take out and play with. If you would like the hermit crabs for a sleep over for a night, bring in a note signed by a parent giving you permission.  Visits will be scheduled first come, first served.

  • Pom Pom Party!

    This Friday the Santa Cruz Muzeum of Art and History is having a free family event. Come and learn to make yarn pom poms!

    Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History


    FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2018
    5:00 PM 8:00 PM

    Check out their website at


  • 5-7-18

    Finals Schedule-

    Mon 5/14- Grammar Part 1

    Tues 5/15- Science

    Wed 5/16- Spelling

    Thurs 5/17- Soc Studies

    Fri 5/18- Math

    Mon 5/21 Grammar Part 2

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Food Truck Friday

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Join Us for this special end of the year event; Friday, May 11.

Physical Education News

2017-2018 PE Schedule

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TK/Kinder: Monday and Wednesday 10:50-11:40am 1st Grade: Monday and Wednesday 11:40am-12:30pm 2nd Grade: Monday and Wednesday 3rd Grade: Tuesday and…

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