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Teachers Name: Mrs. Macy
Classroom: 4th. Grade
Email Address:
Degree:  B.A with  distinction in Social Science
University Name: San Jose State University 


  • 4-24-17
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    Math- Ex 1 WB 83-85, Rvw 8 WB 102

    Spelling- packet and test Fr

    Grammar- Lesson 30 Fr

    Handwroting- Lesson 23 Fr


    Lightning- Rd 25 mins

    Thunder- finish covered wagon summaries and cut out

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  • 4-12-17
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    Spelling- Review

    Grammar- Lesson 29 Th

    Handwriting- Lesson 22 Th

    Read 25 mins


    Lightening- finish book and do job

    Thunder- vocab, read and fill-in ch 12 Th

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  • 4-11-17
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    Math- Ex 20, Review for quiz tomorrow

    Grammar- Lesson 29 Thurs

    Handwriting- Lesson 22, Thurs


    Lightning- finish book and do job

    Thunder- vocab, read and fil-in Ch 13

    Read 25 mins

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  • 4-10-17
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    Math- Ex 18 and 19 WB71-73

    Social Studies- Be prepared to recite your part for the field tripHandwriting- Lesson 22 Thurs

    Grammar- Lesso 29 Thurs


    Lightning- Finish book and do job Thurs

    Thunder- Vocab, read and fill-in for ch 13 Wed

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  • 4-6-17
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    Math- Ex 17 WB 68-70

    Spelling- packet and test

    Grammar- Lesson 27 and 28

    Handwriting- Lesson 21 Fri


    Thunder- Rd Ch 12

    Lightening- Rd Ch 14 and 15

    Quiz for both groups on Ch 6-12

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Classroom Announcements

  • 4-3-17
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    Math- Ex 13 an 14 WB 60-64

    Grammar- Lesson 27 and 28 Fri

    Spelling-  packet and test, Fri

    Handwriting- Lesson 21 Fri


    Thunder- Finish reading Ch 8, read Ch 9

    Lightening- read ch 10

    Social Studies- Traveling to CA and Fact and Opinion

    Permission Slip


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  • St. Patrick's Day!
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    This Friday is St. Patrick's Day!  Celebrate at school by wearing green!



    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face;
    the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
    may God hold you in the palm of His hand.


    Written on Tuesday, 14 March 2017 22:22 in 4th Grade - Classroom Announcements Read 51 times
  • Today's Mass
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    I would like to thank the fourth grade for their hard work on our Mass today.  You did a beautiful job!  

    Written on Thursday, 02 March 2017 00:42 in 4th Grade - Classroom Announcements Read 63 times
  • A Garden Party!
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    Mr. Silva will be at school on Saturday from 9-2 for a lot of fun!  You are invited to join him to help do some gardening to help our school with their obligation to be an Ocean Guardian School. Parents and Junior High students can receive service hours! There will be a BBQ and, I'm sure, a lot of comradery! 

    Written on Tuesday, 28 February 2017 23:15 in 4th Grade - Classroom Announcements Read 57 times
  • Family Game Night!
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    Tomorrow, February 22,is Family Game Night for the third, fourth and fifth grades!  Come enjoy our Salesian family for a night of pure fun! Bring your own game, or play one we have here. We will be serving ice cream sundaes to add to the celebration of our intermediate grades!

    Cafeteria and Library 7-8pm

    Written on Tuesday, 21 February 2017 23:29 in 4th Grade - Classroom Announcements Read 60 times

School Calendar

Physical Education News

Sports at Salesians

  • PE Updates
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    PE Updates

    Swimming is over for this trimester. Students will be moving onto field hockey and other activities for PE. 

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  • PE Schedule 2016 - 2017
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    PE times are as follows:

    • Kinder: 1140-1230 on Tues and Thurs
    • 1st: 940-1030 on Tues and Thurs
    • 2nd: Tuesday and Thursday
    • 3rd: Monday and Wednesday
    • 4th: Monday and Wednesday
    • 5th: Monday and Thursday
    • 6th: Tuesday and Wednesday
    • 7th: Monday and Thursday
    • 8th: Monday and Wednesday
    Written on Wednesday, 07 September 2016 17:33 in P.E. News Read 227 times

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