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Teachers Name: Mrs. Macy
Classroom: 4th. Grade
Email Address:
Degree:  B.A with  distinction in Social Science
University Name: San Jose State University 



  • 4-23-18

    Math- Ex 17 and 18

    Spelling- packet and test Fr

    Rel- Memnorize Hail, Holy Queen, finish page 133

    Writing- mission trouble notes and outline

    Grammar-Jumpstart 2, Adjective page

    Read 30 mins

    Mary Shirts tomorrow!

    No Mathletes this week


  • 4-19-18

    Math- Ex 15 and 16 WB 65-67

    Spelling- packet and test

    SS- Ranches and Ranchos/Venn Diagram (Have at least 5 things that contrast)

    Rel- memorize Hail, Holy Queen by 4/24

    Read 30 mins

  • 4-17-18

    Math- Ex 13-14 WB 60-63 Thur

    Spelling- packet and test Fr

    SS- A Life of Adventure Th

    SS- Practice Mission San Juan Bautista Mission Docent Part

    Rel- memorize Hail Holy Queen by  4/24

    Read 30 mins

  • 4-11-18

    Math- Ex 10, Review for quiz Fr

    Spelling- packet and test Fr

    HW- Lesson 20 Fr

    Grammar- Quiz on Ajectives Th Sadlier Unit 4 Lesson 24 and 25

    Read 30 mins

    Following Directions- Geometry Goulash


    Field Trip tomorrow- wear PE clothes, bring sweats/jacket, water, lunch, (hat, sun tan lotion, a shell if you have one,  beach toy if you'd like)

    We're leaving school at 9:45

    Pick up at the park

  • 3-28-18

    Math- review for test Th

    Science- finish review and study for test. You should know the terms on the review and realize how the shape of the earth is affected by waves, wind, water and ice. We will go over the study guide tomorrow and I will answer any questions. 

    SS- timeline page

    Read 30 mins

    Rice Bowls are being collected tomorrow.

    If you borrowed a white board, please bring it back to school. Thanks!


Classroom Announcements

  • Mathletes

    There will be no Mathletes tomorrow due to the field trip and meetings. Thanks.

  • Mission Information

    We will be visiting the ice cream parlor. Scoops and cups of ice cream range from $2.50-$4.00.

  • 4-16-18

    Math- Ex 11 and 12 WB 57-59

    Spelling- packet and test, Fr

    Grammar- NOuns, Adjectives, Verbs pg

    Social Studies- Read pgs 199-203 in SS, Do "Show What You Know" Table Activity on page 203. In the table write the 5 trappers and trailblazers that were in the lesson and how they helped people come to California. You do not need to do the map part, or explaining to your class. (Sylvester Pattie and his son count as 1 person)

  • 3-20-18

    Math- Ex 15 WB 36, Review 39-40, quiz on thousandths

    Spelling-packet and test Fri

    HW- Lesson 18 Fri

    Grammar- Lesson 27-28 Fri

    Read 30 mins, study suffixes for Th quiz

  • Mathletes Tomorrow

    The following kids have a spot at Mathletes tomorrow: 14, 5, 11, 8, 9, 3

    Please email me if you are interested in Mathletes and your name is not on the list this week.

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