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Teachers Name: Mrs. Macy
Classroom: 4th. Grade
Email Address:
Degree:  B.A with  distinction in Social Science
University Name: San Jose State University 



  • 9-19-17

    Math- finish Practice C TB 36-37, do Review for test Wed

    Spelling- packet and test Fr

    Grammar- Lessson 11 WB 52-55 Wed, Quiz onThurs

    HW- Lesson 4 all Fr

    Sci- Fun with Yeast (extra)

    Reading- Gasping Garbage quiz Wed

    Read 20 mins

  • 9-18-17

    Math- Ex 9 WB 26-27

    Spelling- Packet and test Fr

    Grammar- WB 52-55 Wed, and test

    Handwriting- Lesson 4 all Fr

    Sci- Fun with Yeast (extra- no due date)

  • 9-13-17

    Math- review for quiz Th

    Spelling- Packet and test Th

    Handwriting- Loopy Letters Packet

    Science- Scientific Method Quiz tomorrow- know the order and what each step means

    Reading- Root and Suffix page (1st side only)

    Read 20 mins

  • 9-12-17

    Math- Ex 8, WB 23-25

    Grammar- Follow directions to study for quiz online

    Spelling- test and packet Th

    Reading- vocab pg

    Social Studies- Read assigned part-  Coast pg 54-57, Mountains pg 57-59, Central Valley pg 60, Desert pg 60-61

    Read 20 mins

  • 9-11-17

    Math- Facts page, Finding Factors pg

    Spelling- test and packet due Th

    Science- Scientific Method Quiz Th

    Grammar- finish Lesson 10 Tues

    Read 20 mins

    $ for Texas if you wish

Classroom Announcements

  • Friday=Half Day

    Remember Friday is a half day with 12:00 pick up due to a staff meeting.  Enjoy!

  • Salesian Fun Day!

    On Friday our school will celebrate Salesian Fun Day at St. Francis High School.  Students should be dropped off at St. Francis at 8:00 am and picked up at 1:00 pm. Students should wear jeans, black tennis shoes, and one of the following shirts: Spirit Shirt, Mary Shirt, or PE shirt.  Lunch and snacks will be provided. If your child wears their Salesian jacket, please make sure it is clearly labeled with your child's name.

    It should be a great day!!

  • Room Parents Needed!


    The fourth grade is looking for a couple of parents to help us out during the year.  Read the descriptions below and see if you are interested in being a room parent.

    Field Trip Organizer- As the field trip organizer you will receive information on who can drive on field trips, check to see if their paperwork has been submitted to the office, and create a list of drivers and students.  You will NOT be required to sign us up for, or schedule field trips. 

    Party Planner- The party planner organizes our class holiday parties.  You may either collect money and get everything ready yourself, or you can have different people sign up to bring different things. It is also helpful to have a parent here on the day of the party to help set up and clean up.

    Book Order- If we have another interested parent, we can utilize the Scholastic Arrow Book Club program.  This program offers good books for children at a reasonable price.  This is something that can be done online.

    Let me know if you have an interest in any of these Room Parent jobs.  You are welcome to buddy up to ease the load.  

    All of us at Salesian are grateful for our parent's support! Thank you in advance for however you help our school this year! 

  • Welcome Back!

    Welcome Back to the beginning of a great school year! Our new fourth grade has impressed me all last week with their eagerness to learn and do the right thing!  This week we are getting into a more structured schedule and you will begin to see more homework come home. Students are required to write their homework down in their planner at the end of the day. I will also post the homework online at the end of each day.  If you have questions about homework, please send in a note with your child, or contact me by email. 


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