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Teachers Name: Mrs. Hernández
Classroom: 1st. Grade
Email Address:
Degree: B.A Literature
University Name: B. A. Latin American Literature Smith College



  • Homework 4/24/17


    Read decodable “The Phantom Frog”.

    Handwriting Day 1.

    Do spelling pages 51-52.

    Practice poem for poetry night.



    Handwriting Day 2.

    Do math pages 149-150.

    Practice poem for poetry night.



    Read decodables “A Hike” and “Ernest’s Search”.

    Handwriting Day 3.

    Do math pages 151-152.

    Practice poem for poetry night.

    Thursday-Poetry Night in the chapel at 7 pm.

    Read decodable “Dudley the Donkey”.

    Handwriting Day 4.

    Practice your spelling words.  


    Friday-12 pm Dismissal.

    Turn in homework.

  • Homework 4/3/17


    Read for at least 20 minutes.  Read decodable “Mr. Daw Thought.”

    Handwriting day 1.

    Do spelling words.

    Math do page 145.



    Read for at least 20 minutes.   

    Handwriting day 2.

    Math do page 146.



    Read for at least 20 minutes.  Read decodable “At Dawn”.

    Practice Poem

    Handwriting day 3.

    Math do page 147.



    Read for at least 20 minutes.  Read decodable “Roy and Royal”.

    Practice poem.

    Handwriting day 4.

    Math do page 148.

    Study for spelling test.


    Friday-2 pm Dismissal.

    Turn in homework.

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"A special Fourth of July with Our Lady" We had the most beautiful experience as we welcomed the pilgrim statue…

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Swimming is over for this trimester. Students will be moving onto field hockey and other activities for PE. 

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PE times are as follows: Kinder: 1140-1230 on Tues and Thurs 1st: 940-1030 on Tues and Thurs 2nd: Tuesday and…

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