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1. Curriculum

The school’s core curriculum includes religion (catechesis, family life, liturgy, prayer and Christian service), language arts (reading, literature, grammar, verbal and written communication, study skills, penmanship, and spelling), mathematics, social studies, science and basic foreign language. Non-academic subjects include music, art, computer and physical education.

2. Homework

Homework is given by teachers to reinforce concepts and skills taught in class. It is important, therefore, that homework be done by all students and returned when due. Parents can do much to aid their child’s progress through proper supervision of homework, providing a suitable time, location and atmosphere conducive to learning. Parents are requested to encourage neatness and thoroughness in their child’s work and to cooperate in the assignment, but not to do it for the child. The amount of homework assigned will differ according to grade. Weekend homework is not usually given; however, it may be assigned for enrichment, long range assignment, study or to make up work. Incomplete homework will affect a student’s grade. Students from Grades 2-8 are required to have an assignment book in which to record their homework.

3. Make-up work

Students are required to make up missed work. It is the student’s and parent’s responsibility, not the teacher’s, to see that make-up work is completed. Incomplete work will have a damaging effect on trimester grades. A student is in danger of failing a subject if the required work is not handed in during the time allotted. Assignments will NOT be given out ahead of a foreseen absence, except in the case of an emergency. Parents are asked to avoid vacations during school time since it breaks the continuity of the learning situation.

4. Grading System

Subject grades include class participation and mastery of subject matter evaluated by quizzes, tests, class assignments, projects (short and long term), and homework assignments. Grades in non-academic subjects include efforts, participation, skill development and achievement in written assignments related to the subject. The physical education grade also includes attending class in complete PE uniform and completing assignments related to health and safety education. The numerical correlation to the letter grades is as follows:

A = 97-100 B+ = 90-93 C+ = 79-82 D+ = 68-69
A- = 94-96 B = 86-89 C = 74-78 D = 65-67
B- = 83-85 C- = 70-73 D- = 63-64 F = 0-62

5. Progress

Progress reports are issued to the students toward the middle of the marking period. It is the responsibility of the parents to review the report, sign and return it to the school within 3 days.

6. Report Cards

Report cards are issued 3 times annually. Parents are asked to place great emphasis on the child’s conduct and effort when discussing the results with their child. Then, together, parents and children rejoice in progress and make goals for greater achievement. The report cards are to be signed and returned within 3 days. A $5.00 fee will be assessed to replace lost report cards.

7. Honors

Students in Grades 3-8 are eligible for the Honor Roll every trimester. The criteria are as follows: PRINCIPAL’S LIST = 3.75+ and all Gs; FIRST HONORS = 3.5-3.74 all Gs and G-s; and SECOND HONORS = 3.0-3.49, no grade lower than a C- and nothing lower than a G-. Each non-academic grade lower than “G-” will reduce the honor awarded by one level. Any U (Unsatisfactory) will result in the loss of honors.

8. Testing

Standardized tests for all students are given in the fall and the results are used to diagnose individual and class strengths and weaknesses. It is very important that each child be present when any standardized test is given. The IOWA is administered annually to all students in Grades 2-8.

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