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We are blessed to have some unique features and facilities at Salesian Elementary and Junior high.

  • Lifelab: Our school boasts of a life lab where students have hand on learning in cultivating agricultural practices.
  • Chicken Coop: We have a state of the art, top of the line chicken coop. Students help collect the eggs daily and part of our lunch scraps go to feeding the chickens that we have on campus.
  • Heated Pool: As part of our physical education program students enjoy the use of our heated pool in early fall and spring.
  • Playgrounds: TK and Kindergarten have their own beautiful playground with slides and monkey bars. We are blessed to have a large playing field, basketball and tennis courts for grades 18 to enjoy.
  • Cross Country: We have a beautiful cross country course that grazes the neighboring vineyards that includes a dynamic par course. It is used as part of the curriculum of our physical education program.
  • Chapel: At the heart of our school we have a chapel, always present with the tabernacle, where we hold our school masses, special assemblies and prayer services.
    This special gathering place is a wonderful benefit for all students, staff and visitors.
  • Library and Resources Space: We have a designated rea where students have the availability to read and check out books. This space also functions as a quiet space for a variety of learning needs.

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The mission of The Salesian Elementary and Junior High School is a TK-8 private Catholic elementary and junior high school working cooperatively with the Diocese of Monterey to provide a child-centered learning environment within a family atmosphere that embodies the Salesian philosophy of reason, religion, and loving kindness as taught by Saint John Bosco and Saint Mary Mazzarello

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