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Teachers Name: Mrs. McLay
Classroom: Kindergarten
Email Address:
Degree: Human Development, Master Program
University Name: University of the Pacific, Walden University.


  • Homework: March 27 - 31
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    TK Homework

    Monday:  Color the picture.  Work on staying in the lines. Can you write a capital and lowercase B to go with the picture of the bee?  Use your best handwriting.

    Tuesday:  Complete the dot to dot by following the numbers from 1 to 14.

    Wednesday:  Read a book or have someone read to you.  Talk about the story.  Can you show someone in your family the front cover, back cover and spine?  Can you count the words in the title?  Can you count the letters in the title?

    Thursday:  Do ten jumping jacks and could while doing them. Can you show someone in your family how high you can count?

    Friday:  Turn in your homework.

    Kindergarten Homework

    Monday - Sound out and write the word for each picture.  Be sure to use all lowercase letters.

    Tuesday:  Read the two sentence.  Put an X next to the sentence that matches the picture.

    Wednesday:  Read a book or have someone read it to you.  Talk about the story.  What character is the story is your favorite?  Why do you like that character?  How are you like that character?

    Thursday:  Add and count.  You can use your fingers or any object around your house to help you add.  Coins make wonderful counters.  So do Lego blocks.  Any small oject can work as a counter. 

    Friday:  Turn in your homework.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Homework was printed before the calendar change.  MARCH 29th is not a SPA meeting.  It is now Family Night for grades 6 - 8.


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  • TK and Kindergarten Homework - week of March 20-24
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    TK Homework

    • Monday - Complete the maze.  Help the duck find her eggs.
    • Tuesday - Dot to dot paper.  What letter leads to the train?
    • Wednesday -  Read a book or have someone read to you.  Talk about your favorite part of the story.  Why is it your favorite part?
    • Thursday - Sing the slphabet song to your family.
    • Friday - Turn in your homework.

    Kinder Homework

    • Monday - Put an X on the correct word.  It is the word that matches the first word in the box.  Can you read the word to your mom or dad?
    • Tuesday - Write the letter Ii on the lines.  Show your best handwriting. 
    • Wednesday - Read a book or have someone read to you.  Share all the part of the book with some.  Point out the front cover, back cover, spine, and title page.  Tell someone in your family with an author does.  Tell someone what the illustrator does.
    • Thurday - Add by putting two groups of objects together.  Count one set of blocks and write the number.  Now count the second set of blocks and write the number.  When we put groups together we use the "+" symbol. 
    • Friday - Turn in your homework

    Sight Words of the Week:

         this, would, me, will


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  • Homework for the Week of March 13th - 17th
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    TK Homework

    • Monday:  Use alphabetic order to complete the St. Patrick's Day dot to dot
    • Tuesday:  Find the pot of gold by using the key to color the letters
    • Wednesday:  Read a book or have someone read to you. Find a fun place to read.
    • Thursday:  Play with a friend outside.
    • Friday:  Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Turn in your homework!

    Kindergarten Homework 

    • Monday:  Circle the picture with the short /i/ sound.
    • Tuesday:  Practice your phonetic spelling by sounding out and writing the word for each picture.
    • Wednesday:  Read a book or have someone read to you.  Find a fun place to read.
    • Thursday:  Write the missing numbers.
    • Friday:  Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Turn in your homework!
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  • Homework - March 6th - 10th
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    Monday - Circle the correct word to match the picture.

    Tuesday - Write the three sounds to make the word.

    Wednesday - Read a book or have someone read to you.  Have fun with this.  Try reading outside or reading under the table with a flashlight. 

    Thrusday - Choose a color for each shape and color the picture.  Remember to do your best!

    Friday - Please bring your homework back to school.

    This week's sight words: what, so, & not

    REMINDER:  Friday we are out of school at noon. 


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  • Homework
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    Kindergarten News and Homework

    Feb. 13-16, 2017

    Monday: color the heart.

    Tuesday: Put an X by the picture that matches the sentence.

    Wednesday: Read a book or have someone read to you.

    Thursday: Match and write the words.

    Friday: Turn in your homework.

    This weeks sight words:

    then, little, down

    Upcoming Events:

    Feb. 13- Field Trip

    Feb. 14- liturgy- our class is in charge!

    Feb. 17- No school

    Feb. 20- No school

    Feb. 21- Art

    Feb. 22- SPA meeting

    Feb. 24- Bishop's Day off- No School

    March 1- Liturgy

    March 3- No School

    March 6- Art

    March 8- End of Trimester

    March 10- Noon dismissal

    March 20- Liturgy

    March 21- Art

    March 23-24 noon dismissal- parent conferences

    March 29- SPA meeting

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Classroom Announcements

  • Week of March 20-24th Newsletter
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    Week of March 20 – 24 News


    Last week was a short but fun week.  In religion Sister Theresa taught us about how light is a symbol of God and we learned how we can let our light shine for others by being kind.  


    Our letter of the week was the letter Zz.  We have now finished the alphabet!  We ended our week by painting zebras and upper and lowercase letter Z.  The students love to paint! In Kindergarten we continue working on beginning reading and writing skills.  In reading we worked on sounding out unknown words and sight words.  See if your Kindergarten student can read you Jake Plants Grapes .  This reader went home this last Friday.  In TK language arts, the students continue to work on letter recognition, letter sounds, rhyming, and simple sight words.  As a whole class on Friday, we worked on using pictures to tell a story and story sequencing.  We told the story of a chick hatching from an egg and growing into a chicken by putting the five story cards in order.  In handwriting we are working on writing our names using correct upper and lowercase letters.  We are also starting to work on writing our last names.  


    In Kindergarten math, we have been working on beginning addition by combining two groups to make a larger group.  We have learned the “+” and “=” symbols.  We also learned that there are several different ways we can make a group.  For example, we can make a group of 6 by combining 1 and 5, 2 and 4, 3 and 3, and 0 and 6.  In TK math students continue to work on numeral recognition, counting skills, numeral sequencing and AB patterns.


    As a whole class, we had art this week and made a special surprise for our parents with the “Clay Lady”.  We also celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph with a special Mass.


    We didn’t have Social Studies this week due to Mass, pull out art, and two short days.  In science we continued to talk about the needs of plants and checked in on our lima bean seeds.  So far, our lima beans haven’t started to grow.  We hope to see some change in them next week.  

    It was such a joy meeting everyone at parent / teacher conference time.  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Keep checking the website for weekly updates. 

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  • Calendar Change
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    Please note that March 29th is no longer a SPA meeting.  It is now Family Night for grades 6 - 8. 

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  • Sight Words
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    Several of you have asked for the sight word list.  I have posted sight word list one and two on the website.  Below, under "Helpful Links", you will find a link that says "Class Resources & Links".  Click on that and then scroll down.  Under "Latest from TK/Kinder"click ont he sight word list that you would like to use.  Under "list one" I have listed some fun ideas for practicing sight words.  Once you have mastered list one, you can move on to list two. 

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  • Hot Lunch Menu
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    The hot lunch menu for next month went home this week.  Please be sure to check your child's backpack or folder for his or her hot lunch order form. 

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  • Supply Request
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    Hello Kindergarten and TK families.  We could use some new markers. The students love to color and draw with markers, but we are running low.  Thank you so much for any help you can provide. 

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School Calendar

Physical Education News

  • PE Updates
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    PE Updates

    Swimming is over for this trimester. Students will be moving onto field hockey and other activities for PE. 

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  • PE Schedule 2016 - 2017
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    PE times are as follows:

    • Kinder: 1140-1230 on Tues and Thurs
    • 1st: 940-1030 on Tues and Thurs
    • 2nd: Tuesday and Thursday
    • 3rd: Monday and Wednesday
    • 4th: Monday and Wednesday
    • 5th: Monday and Thursday
    • 6th: Tuesday and Wednesday
    • 7th: Monday and Thursday
    • 8th: Monday and Wednesday
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School Anouncements

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