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Teachers Name: Mrs. Kehoe
Classroom: 8th. Grade
Email Address:
Degree: M.A., B.A.
University Name: Teachers College Columbia University, Smith College
Hobbies: Reading, Travel, Cooking


  • Homework 2/22
    Math: Lesson 6-5 #5, 23, 25, 27, 29 make tables and graph each; QoW12.3 Science: Ch. 9 Standardized Practice Questions 1-8, study Quizlet set, make notecard for test, review practice problems on Educreations
  • Homework 2/21
    Math:  Lesson 6.5 #1-21 odd and QoW 12.3 Science: Ch. 9.4 Section Assessment Questions 1-3, read and study  
  • Language Arts 2/15
    Writing and Grammar Book (yellow): Exercise #2, p. 272
  • Homework 2/14
    Math: Lesson 6-4 #9-25 odd Science: Ch. 9.3 read and finish notes; Speed and Acc. Lab Ball Toss problems 1-3
  • 8th History HW
    WCC and Quiz on Fderalism Thursday 2/16

Classroom Announcements

  • Catholic Schools Week Masses
    Please join us in celebrating Mass for Catholic Schools Week on the following days: Sunday January 29 , 10:15 at Resurrection Church, Aptos (pancake breakfast served!) Sunday February 5,  9:00…
  • Catholic Schools Week!!
    This week we are celebrating Catholic Schools Week. This is a time for us to recognize the unique quality that a Catholic education offers, and to further bond as a…
  • Midterm Assessment Schedule
    Mon. 12/12: Language Arts Essay Due Tues. 12/13:  History Wed. 12/14: Math & Graphing Project Thurs. 12/15: Science Fri. 12/16: Literature Essay Due
  • Dance Criteria
    Dance Criteria:  No grade lower than a "C" (C- is o.k.), in any class; No more than 3 missing assignments in any one class; No more than 6 missing assignments…

School Calendar

Physical Education News

Sports at Salesians

  • PE Updates
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    PE Updates

    Swimming is over for this trimester. Students will be moving onto field hockey and other activities for PE. 

    Written on Monday, 03 October 2016 20:11 in P.E. News Read 131 times
  • PE Schedule 2016 - 2017
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    PE times are as follows:

    • Kinder: 1140-1230 on Tues and Thurs
    • 1st: 940-1030 on Tues and Thurs
    • 2nd: Tuesday and Thursday
    • 3rd: Monday and Wednesday
    • 4th: Monday and Wednesday
    • 5th: Monday and Thursday
    • 6th: Tuesday and Wednesday
    • 7th: Monday and Thursday
    • 8th: Monday and Wednesday
    Written on Wednesday, 07 September 2016 17:33 in P.E. News Read 149 times


School Anouncements

TK/Kindergarten Auction Project

in News & Events

The TK/Kinder students are hard at work getting their auction project finished for our upcoming Salesian Gala.

Salesian PopUp Shop

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Salesian Logo Wear Our Salesian PopUp Shop is open for a limited time, don't miss this great opportunity to purchase…

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The mission of The Salesian Elementary and Junior High School is a TK-8 private Catholic elementary and junior high school working cooperatively with the Diocese of Monterey to provide a child-centered learning environment within a family atmosphere that embodies the Salesian philosophy of reason, religion, and loving kindness as taught by Saint John Bosco and Saint Mary Mazzarello

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